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Product Description

Pluryal Mesoline Bodyfirm is a range of science-based anti-aging products for aesthetic mesotherapy treatments. Specially selected ingredients target specific problems of the face, hair and body. They can be used in microneedling or injection treatments.
Further more Pluryal Mesoline Bodyfirm is used for optimal anti-cellulite and tightening properties. It stimulates natural lymphatic drainage and reduces cellulite. It makes skin firmer and increases its elasticity.
Main active ingredients :
– Carnitine
– Caffeine
– Artichoke
– Organic Sillicum
– Centella Asiatica
– Ruscus Aculeatus

Results are noticeable from the first session but they will become more apparent with every treatment. thereFore best results we recommend at least 4 weekly sessions and a top-up treatment every 2-3 months.
It’s also sterile and ready to use preparation, its safety tested in over 40 countries.

The pack consists of:

  • 10x5ml vials

Intended for:

  • also Reducing cellulite
  • Body firming and tightening
  • Increasing elasticity
  • also Stimulating natural lymphatic drainage

Please read package leaflet before use.

Mesoline Bodyfirm

  1. also Firms the skin
  2. Attenuates orange peel effect
  3. Drains
  1. L-carnitine
  2. Caffeine
  3. also Artichoke
  4. also Ruscus aculeatus
  5. Centella asiatica

also Legs, buttocks, inner side of the arms

  1. 1 treatment every 2 weeks
  2. also 4 to 8 treatments according to patient’s needs
  3. Combine with Pluryal mesoline BODYCONTOUR during the same session if necessary.


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