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Nitrile gloves

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Exam Grade Disposable Nitrile Gloves for sale

Nitrile Gloves Comfortable, super soft flexible powder free nitrile gloves provide added safety in many applications. Designed with a special nitrile formulation they feel and fit like latex and allow also full range of motion and excellent flexibility to minimize stress and fatigue. Therefore do not contain natural rubber latex and are excellent alternative for those suffering from Type l allergies.

Also Nitrile gloves have an oil resistance effect and are mainly used in medical treatment, medicine, health, beauty salon and in the food processing industry.


Buy nitrile gloves online to ensure utmost protection of your hands

Gloves are among major essentials if you’re a physician. also Every day you’re exposed to numerous pathogens and have a risk of catching viral diseases that may appear really dangerous to your health. In other words, having medical  gloves at your disposal is vital if you value your life and the lives of your patients. However, not only health workers can benefit from our protective equipment. Therefore cheap gloves are also popular among people who are engaged in the food industry, military institution, car services, law enforcement, crime scene investigations, and the list goes on. Thanks to their durability and resilience, our gloves Also became one of the most sought-after products in our inventory.

Raw Materials 100% Natural Latex
Color White, black, blue, etc
Surface Smooth or textured
Type Powder free
Size 9”, 12”
Feature Anti-oil, waterproof, disposable
AQL Food/Medical Use: 1.5, industrial use: 4.0
  • Top Quality Nitrile gloves specifications:

    1. Also the Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

    2. Powder & Powder free can be choose

    3. Also latex free no contain natural rubber latex protein or accelerator

    4. also colour: Red,white,blue,green,yellow etc

    5. glove Beaded cuff Clear Length:245+/-5mm, 300+/-5mm ( 9.5” – 12” )

    6. More also Ambidextrous fits either hand Durable & Stretchable

    7.In addition  Smelless, harmless, nontoxic, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant

    8. Further more Adequate thickness, not effect on doctors hand sensitivity

    9. Also Usage:Medical, Hospital, Nursing Examination,Food Industry, Household, Laborator

    Durable and comfortable disposable gloves feature a smooth exterior finish with textured fingertips and a beaded cuff

    • Offer improved resistant to punctures, tears, and rips compared to latex or vinyl alternatives
    • also Flexible and comfortable to wear, offering excellent tactile sensitivity
    • also Textured fingertips offer improved grip
    • in addition Beaded cuff increases glove strength and prevents liquid roll back
    • Further more Designed for extended-duration use
    • also Latex and powder free to minimise the risk of allergic reaction
    • AQL 1.5 medical grade


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