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Product Description

Dermafill Global Xtra 1ml range of dermal fillers is designed to improve tissue control and create instant long lasting results.
Dermafill Global Xtra contains 25mg/ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid and has longer dissolution period.

It is injected into deep dermis for long lasting results, up to 12 months, depending on patient’s own skin properties and how much filler was used.

Intended for: Dermafill Global Xtra 1ml

  • All types of wrinkles from fine, medium to deep
  • Redefining lip contour
  • Improving sagging jawline
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Restoring facial volume
  • Overall facial reshaping

DERMAFILL GLOBAL XTRA has homogenous monophasic structure that enables to inject it into the tissue easily. The filler reabsorbs fully in approximately 6 months without any harmful by-products.

DERMAFILL GLOBAL XTRA filler technical characteristics:

  • Indications: Superficial and medium wrinkles
  • Concentration:  25mg/ml
  • Adhesion:  +++ (BDDE 9%)
  • Filling capacity: 1ml
  • Needle: 27g
  • Depth of injection: Medium-deep derma

DERMAFILL GLOBAL XTRA filler characteristics:

  • Molecular weight: 2,5 – 3 Mda
  • Dynamic viscosity: 728 mPa.s
  • Osmotic pressure: 310 mOsmol/kg
  • BDDE: 0.3 ppm
  • Endotoxins: <0.05 EU/g
  • pH: 7.14

1 box | 2 syringes | 1ml

Please read package leaflet before use.


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